3 HUGE Benefits of Land Contracts | Real Estate Investing Tips

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Land Contracts can be a really, really good option to purchasing real estate. In this video, we wanted to discuss why land contracts are actually a good thing.

Our first property was purchased on a land contract. Actually I made a video on it here –

Brent is my business partner and we own 9 units / 2 properties. One is a 5 unit, mixed use building and another is a 4 unit property that is just residential.

We have been investing together in real estate for over 2 years and he brings several years of experience to the table. We wanted to document our journey and share some advice & insights along the way. Hope you enjoy this all!

About Me

I launched a mobile app development company called Grand Apps ( back in 2011. I saved every penny when building the business so I could invest in real estate.

I currently own 2 properties with 9 total units with a business partner.

About My Channel

My channel is going to feature content all the way from software development to marketing to real estate investing. Basically want to share tips, advice and my journey.

Hope you enjoy!

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