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EXPIRED! House Not Selling in a Hot Market | Real Estate Agent Barb Schlinker (719) 301 1802

If your house is not selling in a Hot Market, don’t be discouraged. It may not have anything to do with you, your house or the market.
I’m about to share with you the top three reasons why a house is not selling in a hot market and what you can do about it. The good news is that all of it is in your control.
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# 1 – Condition! Even in a soft / buyer’s market homes in good condition go fast. Go Visit Some new construction models and look at what they do. Everything is new and fresh, The houses smell good good. So if you have dramatic paint, especially browns and oranges, tired stained carpet, pet odors, and bad curb appeal, most of these are easy, inexpensive things you can fix.
# 2 – Choosing the Wrong Agent – If an Agent doesn’t know how to present your home in the best possible light, it could cost you either no sale or thousands in reduced sales price. Many people only talk to 1 agent or pick a friend who may not put the effort into attracting the most buyers and more importantly the right buyer to purchase your home.
Ask them how they plan to market your home – If their plan is to simply take some iphone pictures and put in the multiple listing service, I recommend you talk to other agents before you commit to one. After all, selling your home is important and often represents one of your largest assets.
You should ask where will they market your home as well.
And you should ask what kind of photos and videos they will use. Did you know that 98% of buyers start their home search online. And, if they do not like the photos, they will not want to look at the home in person.
My Team member, Amy, had a buyer that refused to see this home with bad pictures. Amy’s buyer actually made an offer on an identical home with good pictures and got outbid by another buyer. Amy finally convinced her buyer to go look at that home with the bad pictures. It turned out the home with the bad pictures was much nicer than the one she got outbid on! Her buyer ended up buying that home which had been sitting on the market for months with no sale because of bad pictures.
# 3 Pricing – So many times we hear from frustrated people whose homes are not selling and they say We went along with the “Agent who advised us to price at this price”. I have some good news for your, setting the asking price is your decision. One of the best questions you should ask is….’ How did you come up with the price you recommended. Buyers are looking at all of the home that fit their price range and what other homes are selling for. Because most buyers are searching online in their price range, if the home does not fall within $50,000 of their price range, they will not see it. Nor will they make an offer for “negotiating room”.
A great real estate agent knows how to help you price your home to sell and for the most amount of money. There are many things to consider, including recent similar sales, condition, location, your competition and the upgrades you have put into the home.

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Barb Schlinker is a Real Estate Agent in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

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