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Four key factors that will impact the future of the housing market:

1. The Real Economy. When income is down, consumer spending is low.

2. Forbearance. When forbearance becomes due by September or October, and people decide to sell because they can’t make their payments, there will be a first wave of inventory hitting the market. When the moratorium on foreclosures gets lifted, there will be a lot of distressed sellers coming on the market. Supply will go up, and prices will drop.

3. Government Stimulus. How long will the Federal Reserve continue printing Fiat currency (nothing backing up the US dollar)? If the Republicans win after the elections, things will be the same. If the Democrats take control, taxes will go up, and homeowners will get hit harder by higher taxes.

4. National Debt. Fiat currency over time lessens the buying power of the dollar and leads to massive inflation.

What’s more important than obsessing over what’s going to happen to the market is that you sell a lot of houses today and prepare for when the economy gets worse.

Now is the time to focus on finding people to help and mastering the skills to get them the best results.

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