How To Flip Houses With No Money Using Our Cash Like My Student Mike Who Flipped This For $10,000

Check out this video of one of our coaching students Mike who flipped this house in Boca Raton Florida for a profit of $10,000. Mike has flipped 9 houses (this is his 9th) and Mike is now a full time wholesaler.

My name is Lex Levinrad. I am the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute. I have personally trained thousands of real estate investors from all over the world how to invest in real estate, wholesale, fix and flip properties and buy and hold rental properties for the long term through our Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp, Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp and our real estate coaching and mentoring programs.

I have has been a full time real estate investor since 2003, and I have personally been involved in buying, rehabbing, wholesaling, renting, and selling hundreds of houses. I am also an active real estate investor and landlord and manage many rental properties and also sell many of these properties with seller financing and rent to own lease options..

My main business is buying distressed real estate, foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties. Our office buys these properties and we fix and flip, buy hold and rent or wholesale these houses to cash investors. We buy and sell houses every single day and some days we buy or sell as many as 5 houses!

Our office is also one of the largest wholesalers in the country and many of the houses that we get we wholesale and flip to our cash investors looking for good deals.

I can teach you how to invest in real estate, how to wholesale real estate and how to buy, fix and flip houses. I can also show you how you can partner with us and flip houses without putting up any of your own cash or credit with our Partnership Program.

And the best part is I can show you how you can be doing this too and how you really don’t need any cash or credit to get started investing in real estate. We have a Partnership Program that enables our students to locate houses for our cash buyers. If you want to be a bird dog (property locator) and work with us we have tens of thousands of cash buyers that are hungry for more wholesale real estate deals. And if you find a deal, we will put up the cash and we will find you the buyer! For more information about our Partnership Program please visithttp://lexlevinrad.com/partnership.html

If you would like to learn more about us and our company please visit our website at http://www.lexlevinrad.com If you are new to investing in real estate and want to learn more about wholesaling and flipping houses then I encourage you to attend The Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp which is held twice a year in South Florida (has been sold out for the past 5 years). For more information about the boot camp please visit our site:http://lexlevinrad.com/Boot_Camps.html

If you would like to learn more about our real estate coaching and mentoring programs and how you can work directly with Lex Levinrad then please visit this link:http://lexlevinrad.com/Mentoring.html.

If you want to contact our office for questions about any of our boot camps, coaching or training programs please email support@lexlevinrad.com or call 800-617-2884

If you are looking for Cheap Houses in Florida make sure you sign up for our cash buyers list athttp://www.CheapHousesinFlorida.com

If you would like to see a list of houses that we have for sale in Florida please visit http://www.FloridaWholesaleRealEstate…

Some of these videos show our students that have actually wholesaled and flipped houses without putting up any cash. If you are new to real estate or an absolute beginner that has never flipped a property then watching these student videos can be highly motivating since it can show you people just like you that wanted to learn how to invest in real estate and after some training managed to wholesale and flip their first house. Many of our past students are now full time real estate investors and wholesalers who make a full time living flipping houses. We have some of these students on these videos too. So make sure you watch them and see some of our students that have attended our boot camps and have now flipped more than 40 houses!

If you are local to South Florida (or visiting) you are welcome to attend our monthly real estate investment club meetings which are held on the First Tuesday of every month. For more info about our real estate investment club meetings visithttp://www.distressedreia.com

Thanks for watching the video!

Please feel free to comment. We will do our best to answer all your questions or comments.


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