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How To Start Real Estate With Only $1000

How To Start Real Estate With Only $1000

If I had to start real estate today and I only had $1000 dollars and I lost my other income streams, properties, and businesses this is what I would do. I would use a basic wholesaling strategy but these ways of building my buyers list for cheap and quickly. I would also use this neighborhood canvassing strategy to find deals. The goal is to build a buyers list for free or cheap to build your real estate business and prepare it for when you find a deal after marketing to motivated sellers. Contract that property and assign that contract to a new cash buyer for an assignment fee. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for a new investor to start investing in real estate for only $1000. So if I went broke or I was just starting this is what I would be doing so I hope you like todays video on…. How To Start Real Estate With Only $1000

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