Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Expectations Vs Reality

Let’s set some records straight… You’re wanting to get into real estate and you have lots of expectations that you want to fulfill. After acquiring 80+ rental units and being in the real estate investing business for almost 6 years now, I’ll shed some light on the truth!

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● FIRST EXPECTATION: “I’m Going to Buy a Rental Property Today And in Just a Few Months, I Can COMPLETELY Retire”. The TRUTH is… It may take more than just a few months to set up your business, hire the right vendors, and get used to the rhythm of managing your portfolio. Even if you hire a property manager, you have to still manage your property manager.

● SECOND EXPECTATION: “I can buy just about any house, repair it, and I’m going to make money on it” The TRUTH is… not EVERY property is set up to be profitable even if you do the best repair possible. You first have to determine what the ARV (After Repair Value) of the property is so that you can back out the expenses associated with the repair and buying the property.

● THIRD EXPECTATION: “I Need Lots of Cash and Good Credit To Start Investing in Real Estate” The TRUTH is… you don’t NEED to have either. My brother and I were able to go from 0 rental units to 75 rental units in just 1 year using the concepts of Owner Financing and Raising Capital (Using other people’s money). This way, you DON’T need to have your own money or credit to start investing in real estate. Owner Financing is a concept where you treat the seller of the property as the bank. You’re making monthly payments to the seller in exchange for the ownership of the property. This is a great way to avoid having to use your credit and also not having to deal with bank financing.

πŸ“‹ Get our FREE Physical Book “0 To 75 Units In Just 1 Year” :

● FOURTH EXPECTATION: “I need to first do wholesaling before I start buying rental properties or fixing and flipping properties:. The TRUTH is… You DON’T HAVE to start a wholesaling business first. My brother and I skipped doing wholesaling and went straight into buying rental properties using the FORCE Strategy (Find the Deal, Owner Finance It, Raise the Capital, Cash Flow it, Expand Your Financial Freedom)

● FIFTH EXPECTATION: “I’m going to be profitable with my rental property from the very beginning” The TRUTH IS… you may actually lose money or break-even in your first or second year of buying the rental property. This is due to expenses associated with repairing the property, correcting bad property management process, evicting bad tenants, or even making beginner mistakes. Once you “stabilize” the bad property management, you’re going to start seeing a profit and cash flow from the property.

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The Kwak Brothers are millennial real estate investors who have acquired over 82 Units of Rental Units and have raised over $20,000,000 of capital for their real estate deals. They are based out of the Chicago-land area and they are dedicated to helping hard-working people become financially free real estate investor! They specialize in owner financing acquisition and raising capital. They are the creator of the FORCE Strategy (Find the deal, Owner Finance It, Raise the Capital, Cashflow It, and Expand your Financial Freedom)




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