Real Estate Investing for Beginners – Online Course | Your First Rental Property

Do you want to invest in residential rental properties, but have no idea what the process entails?

Are you tired of searching for real estate answers across dozens of podcasts, books, interviews, and blog posts?

Wouldn’t it be easier to learn everything you need to know about residential real estate investing in ONE place?

Whether you’d like to be an out-of-state investor or househacker, or whether you want to self-manage your properties or hand everything off to a property manager, we have you covered.

In this video, we answer what you’ll get inside Your First Rental Property, a course by Afford Anything. It walks you from total beginner to knowledgeable, confident investor in 7 jam-packed modules. You’ll learn how to analyze, find, finance, renovate, negotiate and buy, and manage a property. You’ll also learn how to build an all-star team.

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Questions answered:

1. Does this course share the secrets to real estate investing? [@ 1:23]
2. What will I learn by taking the course? [@ 3:26]
3. What resources are included? [@ 6:04]
4. Does the course content get updated? If so, how often? [@ 8:48]
5. Is there a section on househacking? [@ 9:39]
6. Does the course cover vacation rentals and how to manage them? [@ 11:06]
7. Do we get direct access to the teacher, Paula? [@ 13:12]
8. Where and when is the course? [@ 15:42]
9. What will I achieve by taking this course? [@ 17:14]
10. How can I enroll? [@ 18:48]

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