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Find out how to flip land for pennies on the dollar:

Jack Bosch is one of the Country’s foremost experts in Land Investments and an industry leader in Real Estate Investment education.

Jack Bosch (a.k.a “The Land Guy”) is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor, respected industry leader, speaker, educator, and perhaps most importantly a parent and husband. He’s the author of the bestselling financial literacy book “Forever Cash” and the creator of the Land Profit Generator real estate without hassles system.

Jack immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1997 with just 2-suitcases and a bunch of student debt and since 2002 Jack and co-founder Michelle Bosch have purchased and sold over 4,000+ properties.

With his Land For Pennies investment method Jack and Michelle went from zero to a million in just 18-months and from that built a real estate investment empire that spans multiple areas of real estate including, land flipping, financing/ notes, tax delinquent real estate, home rentals, commercial, multi-family investments, and education.

In 2008 after seeing the devastation in the housing market Jack and Michelle set out on a mission to transform lives by sharing with others the land investment techniques and strategies that have made them a success.

As a result, this simple little-known Land for Pennies real estate niche has provided thousands of people with the opportunity to get into the real estate game without the hassles of traditional real estate investing and Jack and Michelle continue to spread the message with the mission to create 1,000 millionaires and impact the lives of many more.

Find out how to flip land for pennies on the dollar:

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Discover why there are 3 types of cash and why forever cash is the best:

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