USA Real Estate Investments Rochester NY,USA Real Estate Investing Rochester, Turn Key Investing USA Choice Realty is an Investor focused Real Estate Investment Firm that Partners with our Investor Partner Members in Building Their Real Estate Investment Portfolio’s.
Why Choose USA Choice Realty?

As your exclusive buyer’s agent, USA Choice Realty has a fiduciary responsibility to you, the investor, to locate properties that meet all of your criteria and expectations and then negotiate the absolute best terms of purchase.

USA Choice Realty lets you, the investor, purchase quality investment properties with a hands-off approach. This means that we require minimal time from you, and that we do most of the hard work of securing and preparing the property for rental. USA Choice Realty handles the stress of price negotiation, construction, property management, document preparation and more.

TJ Harrington is the managing broker of USA Choice Realty and has over 25 years of experience in real estate investment and property rehab. TJ has extensive property management experience as the president of Integrity PM, Inc., a broker owned Property Management Company. TJ also founded the local REIA Group in Rochester and owns the Rochester REI Club ( ) which is a social networking and educational website for real estate investors from around the world.

TJ has an intimate knowledge of the city of Rochester and its surrounding areas, and he knows which properties offer the lowest investment risk and highest return for single family investment homes. TJ has a keen eye for finding high yield investment properties as quickly as possible, and his expertise will give you a head start on finding your next high yield investment property at a low price.

TJ will leverage his expertise at every stage of the process to save you as much money as possible on your investment. TJ has built numerous key partnerships throughout his career with contractors and other parties involved in the transaction process. These strategic partners offer USA Choice Realty reduced prices and faster service, and this ends up reducing your overall purchase costs.

We coordinate all of the complicated and time consuming activities to let you focus on your most important obligations. Our goal is to give you all the benefits of owning an investment property without having to deal with the small hassles of finding it and getting it ready for ownership. USA Choice Realty will deal with the other parties involved in securing an investment property such as attorneys, contractors, mortgage brokers, the title company and others, saving you precious time.

With the Rochester market recently being considered one of the best cash flow markets in the United States, you want to work with a local company that knows the market well and one that can find the highest producing properties at the lowest cost possible. Working with USA Choice Realty allows you to add a high yield property to your investment portfolio with minimal effort.

Let us take care of all of the complications and stress of finding a high quality investment property for you. We will use all of our expertise and efficiency to keep your purchase costs as low as possible, as if we were securing a property for ourselves. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with our high level of experience and responsiveness, and that you will want to work with us more than just once.

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