Zillow Says Recession Coming Q1 2020 Fundamentals in Real Estate Investing

A Real Estate investor must always pay attention to the signs of a recession or boom. In a very recent article, Zillow went on the line to say they think the next recession will begin in the first quarter of 2020. I am fully aware that there is such a thing as confirmation bias; however, I posted a video last year identifying the time from then until the end of 2020 for the next housing drop to take place.
If you look at the fundamentals of what is going on in the American economy, it isn’t that hard to see that things have been improving for several years…booming for the last few in particular. Unemployment is at its lowest levels in several decades for all interested parties, creeds, and demographics. I have a feeling we’re about to hit on something that will cause prices to go down and I explain in this video how it may happen. One thing to keep in mind…inflation! If inflation rears its ugly head, interest rates will have to go up to curb it. Inflation is only good for those holding on to appreciating assets with fixed debt. Those who are holding their value in cash lose value. Those lending to those with assets also lose. It’s important you’re not on the losing end, so listen up 🙂
The article I reference in the video is here:
My prediction video last year can be found here:

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